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Lumenier announces the QAV400G Brushless Gimbal Unit

The QAV400 FPV quad airframe has become one of the most popular FPV quads. It's flown by many of the world's top FPV pilots, including Juz and MidwestRob. The reason for its popularity include the QAV400's ability to record completely jello free HD video footage in a very small 400 size quad configuration. The frame is stiff and super light, which enables extreme acrobatics, fast forward flight, and very stable flight performance. Due to the stiffness of the airframe and its aluminum CNC-ed arms, the frame can support the strongest power-plant with Tiger Motor or Lumenier FX-2216-9 1100kv motors and 8" props, which provides much more than the required thrust to fly this airframe.

Recently, companies like Lumenier and others have launched dedicated quad airframes equipped with integrated gimbals -- Lumenier's QAV540G being one of the first to market. Now, Lumenier is launching a gimbal for the QAV400 -- turning it into a QAV400G. The unique concepts behind this new product...

  • The new QAV400 gimbal is a complete unit with gimbal, motors, BGC, and mounting hardware.
  • This new gimbal unit is attached to a regular QAV400 without the need to modify anything
  • The gimbal unit is attached to and removed from a regular QAV400 in 30 seconds or less and without any tools required

This now gives you one FPV quad airframe that enables you to do with one airframe what previously was only possibly with 2 airframes:

  1. Fly one flight FPV with flips and rolls in a super light configuration
  2. Land and attach the new QAV400 gimbal unit
  3. Fly a fully gimbal stabilized flight

The QAV400 with gimbal provides you a small overall package that is ideal for travel and packing in a case. The stabilized footage, due to the QAV's already stable flight characteristics and smooth video performance, rivals that of larger dedicated gimbal airframes. For pilots that would like to focus their budget, build, and maintenance effort on one airframe, the new QAV400 gimbal enables you to have one set-up with full FPV gear that can also accommodate a gimbal. No need to invest in 2 airframes, 2 Video TXs, 2 Flight Cameras, etc. The new QAV400 Gimbal unit will be available as a new product later this year.

If you are interested in this upcoming gimbal unit, you can start by building a QAV400 with the recommended power plant, which can be seen on the GetFPV QAV400 ARF page (but all parts can be bought individually).

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