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    A purpose build FPV Quadcopter Airframe with gimbal support.


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We love FPV as much as you do.

Gear used by the world's top fpv pilots including Juz, Charpu and Skitzo.

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  • The Lumenier Carbon Fiber QAV-R FPV Racing Quadcopter. A rigid, light, and fast FPV racer with removable arms.
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  • The Lumenier carbon fiber QAV180 / QAV210 CHARPU mini FPV quadcopter. A rigid, light, and fast FPV racer and acrobat.
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  • The QAV250 quadcopter is a mini sized FPV multirotor made for exciting and fun flying. Its compact size and rigid airframe makes
    • Multirotors
  • The QAV500 V2 is a purpose built FPV quadcopter frame. It dramatically reduces vibrations to the Flight Controller, cameras, and other electronics
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Fly like the wind.

Flight videos from the Lumenier pilots.

  • Team Lumenier: FPV Hyper

    Pilot: Juz - Frame: QAV400 - Flight Controller: CC3D

  • Charpu - Abandonado

    Pilot: Charpu - Frame: QAV210

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Latest News

Lumenier releases QAV-R line of Drone Racing equipment

- 12/29/2015

Lumenier is anouncing its new QAV-R equipment line to focus on Drone Racing specific products to serve this quickly growing new sport. 



Amazon PrimeAir Octo uses Lumenier FX4006-13 Motors

- 12/02/2013

We're excited to see that Amazon has chosen Lumenier FX-4006-13 multi-rotor motors for their new Octo delivery service R&D project -- Amazon PrimeAir.

Amazon PrimAir featuring Lumenier FX4006-13 motors


Lumenier Pilots in Australia's Arnhem Land

- 10/15/2013

Lumenier pilots were able to treck through Arnhem Land -- a remote and untouched region of Australia. The Arnhem Land Region is one of the five regions of the Northern Territory of Australia. It is located in the north-eastern corner of the territory and is around 500 km from the territory capital Darwin.


Team Lumenier

Justin Welander

Team Lumenier Pilot Justin Welander, aka “Juz”, is one of the most admired and well respected FPV multi-rotor pilots. Justin has recorded countless breathtaking FPV videos with various Lumenier airframes including the QAV400, QAV500, and the new QAV540G.

Juz Videos


Lumenier produces FPV multi-rotor airframes, electronics, and accessories of the highest quality.

Many of today's top FPV pilots choose Lumenier airframes over any other airframe for their production value and vibration free HD video quality.

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