Shooter and Malicious sUAS - Defense

Available for Authorized Personnel Only

Lumenier in conjunction with Safety Dynamics has developed a technology platform that includes sUAS with smart sensors and cameras for threat recognition, localization and surveillance. The Safety Dynamics SENTRI System detects a shooter, malicious UAS or other threat and immediately auto-launches a Lumenier sUAS, reaching speeds of up to 100 MPH within seconds, headed to threat location with recording and live feed of the assailant.

SENTRI (Sensor Enabled Neural Threat Recognition and Identification) is a breakthrough technology that recognizes gunshots and explosions and sends range and bearing details to cameras which can then locate the source of the event. The patented Dynamic Synapse Neural Network (DSNN) technology developed by the Laboratory for Neural Dynamics at the University of Southern California is at the core of the acoustic recognition capability and is based on neurobiological principles of brain signal processing, and allows, like the human brain, accurate temporal pattern recognition of acoustic signals even in the presence of high noise. Whether standing alone in a choke-point or working with multiple units to cover a large area, SENTRI is part of a network of surveillance cameras which listen for gunshots and provide police with the ability to use audio and video for the identification of crimes in progress.

Smart Unmanned Aerial Vehicles:

  • Carry miniaturized smart camera surveillance devices
  • Low-cost solutions
  • Requiring limited manpower for use and maintenance
  • Monitor and protect perimeters
  • Provide images in hard to get to locations or large land mass areas that would require too much manpower to secure
  • Can identify “hot spots” or potential hot spots to support power line maintenance
  • Minimize risk to security personnel
  • Enable more efficient manpower deployment

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