Malicious sUAS

Available for Authorized Personnel Only
Shooter and Malicious sUAS

Lumenier, commercial leader in developing high performance UAS/Drones and Safety Dynamics, Inc. (SDI) proprietary SENTRI technology developed for the Department of Defense (DoD) for the detection of gunshots and explosive sounds, have combined their respective best in class technologies to provide an advanced Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) to further support DoD interests as well as commercial applications for critical infrastructure such as utility sites, airport, stadiums, etc…

The SUA thru smart sensor technologies can instantly detect threats, localize threats, provide threat images, surveil the threat and eliminate the threat. The Safety Dynamics’ SENTRI System detects shots and explosive sounds or other threat patterns, immediately auto-launches a state of the art SUA, reaching speeds of up to 100 MPH within seconds, directing the SUA to the exact threat location to immediately record and provide a live feed of the assailant.

SDI’s patented SENTRI (Sensor Enabled Neural Threat Recognition and Identification) technology was developed utilizing a proprietary algorithm suite, which includes the patented Dynamic Synapse Neural Network (DSNN) technology developed by the University of Southern California. The SENTRI algorithmic suite can accurately recognize and detect acoustic patterns even in the presence of high noise. SENTRI is a stand-alone acoustic smart sensor which is capable of unambiguously recognizing and determining the direction and distance of targeted sound signatures which can work in concert with other sensor nodes, such as intelligent video, to validate and isolate the source of the sound.

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  • Product Features
    • Multiple launch modes, including hand launchable from air or ground and auto launch
    • Limited manpower required for use
    • Carry payloads of varying weight (platform dependent)
    • Can carry a miniaturized camera
    • Provides images in hard to get to locations or large land mass
    • Monitor and protect perimeters
    • Can identify “hot spots”
    • Minimize risk to security personnel
    • Enable more efficient manpower deployment
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