Lumenier Litehawk

Position Hold Microhard
Lumenier Litehawk
Lumenier Litehawk
Lumenier Litehawk

The Lumenier Litehawk Position Hold Microhard vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) small unmanned aerial system (UAS) is designed for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), as well as payload delivery needs.

Deploys in 30 Seconds or Less

This vehicle is designed for fast outdoor approaches at 25mph+, as well as ability to enter buildings through small openings of 18 inches in diameter. The vehicle itself weighs less than 2 pounds and can carry up to 2 pounds of additional payload on the 7” style Litehawk, and can carry 4 pounds on the 10” style Litehawk. Position Hold sensors allows operator to take hands off sticks while vehicle hovers in place. The prop guards allow operator to bump into objects or slide along walls without damaging vehicle or losing flight control.

For more information contact:

Direct: 941-444-0021, ext. 108

  • Specifications
    • Aircraft Data Link Range: 40km
    • Analog Video Range: 500m at 25mw
    • Hover time without payload: 23 minutes
    • Hover time with 2 pound payload: 5 minutes
    • Mixed flight time with no payload: 9 minutes
    • Mixed flight time with 2 pound payload: 3.5 minutes
    • 1600 Lumen Infrared and Overt Lights available
    • UAV dimensions (L x W x H): 43cm x 35cm x10cm
    Product Includes
    • Quadcopter with Prop Guards and battery (payload box not included and handheld controller sold separately)
  • Product Features
    • Three switchable flight modes:
      1. Position Hold (GPS or GPS denied), and low speed 0-5mph for safe indoor navigation, high speed up to 25mph for outdoor use.
      2. Altitude Hold
      3. Stabilized Mode
    • Low light, GPS-denied Position Hold down to 30 LUX with upto 6 feet AGL
    • Foldable, Tri-Blade Props with POPO Quick Release
    • US Manufactured and Assembled
    • Day or Night Camera
    • Fail-safe kill switch on second controller available
CAGE Code: 84VM0
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