Lipo Batteries

Lumenier branded Lithium Polymer batteries are high quality, high discharge lipo batteries. These batteries provide you with great performance for your multi-rotor air-frames and other RC devices. There are many different series of batteries availabable ranging from 35C up to 85C rating. This allows you to choose the best battery possible by balancing performance and weight. These Lumenier LiPo's maximize flight time with minimal voltage sag. Lumenier offers batteries of all sizes, some with JST connections and others with XT60, to suit your specific RC needs.

N2O Batteries

The Lumenier N2O series Lipo Battery features Polycrystalline Super Nanotubes technology to bring you the highest performing batteries for your racing drones.

Lumenier N2O Original

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One Cell Batteries

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lumenier 205 jst xh2

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Two Cell Batteries

Two cell battery (7.4v) are great for smaller crafts and low voltage requirements. Lumenier offers multiple mAh sizes in the 2s range.

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Three Cell Batteries

Three cell batteries have a multitude of uses being at th common ~12v range. Many electronics run on 12v as well as aircraft. Three Cell batteries are a great place to start for a beginner on multirotors and FPV.


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Four Cell Batteries

The four cell batteries are some of the most popular for drone racing and bigger drones a like. Lumenier offers sizes from under 1000mAh up to over 20,000mAh!  All of these batteries come with XT60 connectors to easily attach to your multirotors and other devices. New Graphene battery technology is also available.


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High Voltage Four Cell Batteries

The Lumenier High Voltage series of LiPo batteries hold a higher voltage charge per cell, which results in more potential power for your aircraft. Each cell can be safely charged to 4.35v per cell, up from the standard 4.2v per cell.

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Six Cell Batteries

Lumenier offers many different 6s batteries, which are commonly used in heavy lift aircraft. These batteries are design to maximize power output with large discharge capabilities. 


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