Lumenier Workstation

lumenier-workstation-qav250-parts This is the Lumenier Workstation, your all-in-one RC stand and parts organizer. The Workstation is a flexible and modular RC work stand with an organizing parts base.

The Lumenier Workstation is precisely machined out of high quality aluminum in the USA. The base plate starts as a solid piece of black anodized aluminum and is CNC machined into a grooved parts organizer base. The center aluminum stand is 7" tall and features a 360 degree ball pan/tilt, allowing you to move your model to any desired angle and hold it in place. The top plate has hundreds of threaded holes allowing you to position the included posts and adjustable clamps in many formations to fit your model exactly.

The Workstation works great as a extra set of hands to hold whatever part you're working on in the exact position you need it to be. Perfect for RC builds, soldering, general assembly and disassembly. It also doubles as a beautiful display stand. Show off your models at events and make your friends jealous!

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  • Features high quality machined aluminum
  • Base Plate Dimensions: W 12" x L 9" x H 0.25"
  • Top Plate Dimensions: W 9" x L 5" x H 0.375"
  • Center Post: W 1.5" x H 7" with Ball Head Pivot Mount
  • Weight: 4.5lbs


  • 1x Base
  • 1x Center Post
  • 1x Top Plate
  • 2x Short Locating Posts
  • 2x Spring Loaded and Adjustable Locating Posts
  • 1x Allen Key for Locating Posts

lumenier-workstation-back lumenier-workstation-front-angle