The Blast

lumenier-blast Introducing the Blast from Lumenier Labs, Lumenier’s experimental division.

The Blast is a 450 size carbon quadcopter…that shoots harmless projectiles 50+ feet on a flat trajectory! The Blast shoots soft Nerf disks powered by a high RPM brushless motor. The Nerf disks are deadly accurate at distance while remaining utterly harmless at point blank. A servo shoots disks out of a 13 disk magazine. The airframe, shooting mechanism, servo, firing motor and dedicated ESC are all included in the kit, as well as a Lumenier 4Power mini PDB. The Blast brings a whole new dimension to multirotors, making dogfighting and target practice possible. Build one with a buddy and re-enact the Battle of Britain at your local airfield!

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  • Carbon Fiber Main Plates
  • Uses high quality Aluminum QAV400 Arms
  • Lasercut Nerf Disc Magazine


  • 1480g AUW with Lumenier 3300mAh 4S

lumenier-labs-blast-front Kit Includes

  • 1x Blast Frame Plate Set and Hardware
  • 1x Blast Magazine
  • 1x Blast High RPM Motor
  • 1x ESC
  • 1x 4Power mini PDB
  • 4x QAV400 Aluminum Arms



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