QAV250 Accessories

One of the great things about the Lumenier QAV250 is that it has a full line-up of accessories available as add-ons to the already incredibly fun airframe. You can pick and choose the accessories that best fit your needs, customizing your QAV250 to your liking. Check out some of the great items available below.

QAV250 Angled Motor Mount Extensions

angled-motor-mount-rtf-angle These aluminum motor mounts extend the arms of the QAV250 enabling mounting of 6" props while also tilting the motors to a 10 degree angle all in a single part. This angled motor mount extension facilitates the QAV250 to fly at a lower angle of attack when angled-motor-mount-close-set-4 performing fast forward flight ("FFF") thereby reducing drag, increasing speed, and keeping cameras more level. The part is light, strong, and machined out of a single piece. The mount attaches to any stock QAV250 airframe with 4 screws. No nuts required. The motor attaches to the angled mount as usual. Patent Pending.

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qav250-aero-guard The QAV250 Aero Guard

The new Lumenier Aero Guard increases your speed by reducing drag in an elegant way. The Aero Guard is a single, laser-cut part fabricated from rip resistant material that slides over the QAV250's aluminum spacers. In addition to improving aerodynamics the Aero Guard also protects the airframe's electronics.

  • Weight: 4g
  • Material: Tear resistant plastic
  • Color: Black

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The Professional Travel Case for the QAV250

The Professional Travel Case is customized specifically for the QAV250 and accessories. Injection-Molded out of ultra high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin, the case has watertight and dust-proof properties; its submersible design is resistant to corrosion and impact damage. Features a molded-in hinge, strong latch system, snap-down rubber over-molded grip handle, and automatic purge valve. It is resistant to UV, solvents, corrosion, fungus and impact damage.

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The Lumenier QAV250 FPV Backpack

The Lumenier QAV250 backpack allows you to take your QAV250 plus all your FPV gear anwhere you go! It features 16 total compartments which provides a wide range of storage options, and each one is sized for a specific use. The backpack has a customized foam insert to protect your QAV250 (extensions included) along with your transmitter and all your FPV gear.

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QAV250 Prop Guards

qav250-prop-guard The QAV250 prop guards will help avoid crashes due to light prop strikes. Instead of the propellor brushing a wall or obstacle the prop guard will strike first, guarding your props and possibly avoiding a costly crash. This prop guard will work on V1 of the QAV250 if using motors that use M3 motor mounting screws. On V2 of the QAV250, this prop guard can also work for motors such RCX motors that use M2 mounting screws.

The prop guards are available in 2 different materials, G10 and Carbon Fiber.

camera-plate QAV250 Vibration Damping Camera Plate

The vibration damping camera plate will help elimate any vibrations coming from your QAV250 before they get to your camera. The soft silicon bobbins separate the camera plate from the airframe while at the same time absorbing any vibrations. The camera plate takes advantage of the QAV250's top plate's slots allowing you to slide the plate forward or back 18mm. By mounting the camera plate all the way forward you can mount a GoPro camera without any props or frame in view, even in 1080p wide mode.

The vibration damping camera plates are available in 2 different materials, G10 and Carbon Fiber.

QAV250 "Fury" Power Distribution Board

qav250-fury-pdb-board 1 Looking for a QAV250 Power Distribution Board (PDB) to get an integrated FPV setup and simple R/C wiring? This board, nicknamed "FURY", provides upgraded power distribution with current sensing, filtered power to the A/V equipment and option to install a TBS CORE module, while also adding rigidity to the airframe.

The ESCs are soldered to the the board (all wires), making the board layout very tidy and modular. It is designed with the OpenPilot flight controller in mind, requiring only two cables to install the flight system and another two cables (included) to finish the FPV system.

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