QAV250 Parts List

The QAV250 comes with the following parts. Please take inventory of your parts before you begin your build.
Part Name Quantity Note
Unibody Main Frame Plate 1 The large "Unibody" G10 frame plate including the body and arms
Flight Controller Cover 1 The top plate of the main frame
Power Distribution Frame Plate 1 To solder ESCs, LEDs and power connections to (white)
LED Boards 2 A white and a red LED board (red LED is clear in the off position) (Note: Lightly sand the edges of the LED PCB board to allow an easy fit the the underside of the Unibody frame plate.)
Board Camera Mounting Plate 1 This plate is where a 32mm size board camera can be mounted
Hardware and Miscellaneous Parts
35mm Aluminum Spacers 6  Tall spacers to go in between the "Unibody" frame plate and Cover Plate
25mm Aluminum Spacers 4  Medium height spacers for the landing gear
10mm Aluminum Spacers (No Thread) 4  Short spacers to go in between the "Unibody" frame plate and the Power Distribution Board
6mm M3 Button Socket-Head Screws (M3x6) 28  Screws used on most of the assembly of the airframe including motors
20mm M3 Button Socket-Head Screws (M3x20) 4  Screws used to mount the PDB and push through the non-threaded 10mm spacers
16mm M2 Socket-Head Screws for Board Camera Mounting (M2x16) 4  Screws used to mount a board camera
2mm Nut (M2) 4  Nuts to secure the M2x16 screws
Small black self-tapping screw for the LED boards 4 Small self-tapping screw to secure the LED boards (Note: The screw hole may be too small to turn the screw all the way in without stripping. It is suggest to bore out the hole a small amount beforehand.)
Vinyl Black Cap 4  Covers the bottom of the landing gear spacer
XT60 Pig Tail 16AWG 1 A power pigtail to connect to the PDB and to receive power from a flight battery
5" of Vibration Dampening Neoprene Tape 1 Used to reduce vibrations in mounted gear and cameras on the airframe
Lumenier Velcro Lipo Battery Strap 1 Used to secure your battery to the airframe
Lumenier Sticker 1 Stickers are awesome
2mm Allen Key 1 A tool to use with all M3 socket-head screws
CAGE Code: 84VM0
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