QAV250 Parts List

The QAV250 comes with the following parts. Please take inventory of your parts before you begin your build.

Frame Parts


Part Name Quantity Note
Unibody Main Frame Plate 1 The large "Unibody" G10 frame plate including the body and arms
Flight Controller Cover 1 The top plate of the main frame
Power Distribution Frame Plate 1 To solder ESCs, LEDs and power connections to (white)
LED Boards 2 A white and a red LED board (red LED is clear in the off position) (Note: Lightly sand the edges of the LED PCB board to allow an easy fit the the underside of the Unibody frame plate.)
Board Camera Mounting Plate 1 This plate is where a 32mm size board camera can be mounted
Hardware and Miscellaneous Parts
35mm Aluminum Spacers 6  Tall spacers to go in between the "Unibody" frame plate and Cover Plate
25mm Aluminum Spacers 4  Medium height spacers for the landing gear
10mm Aluminum Spacers (No Thread) 4  Short spacers to go in between the "Unibody" frame plate and the Power Distribution Board
6mm M3 Button Socket-Head Screws (M3x6) 28  Screws used on most of the assembly of the airframe including motors
20mm M3 Button Socket-Head Screws (M3x20) 4  Screws used to mount the PDB and push through the non-threaded 10mm spacers
16mm M2 Socket-Head Screws for Board Camera Mounting (M2x16) 4  Screws used to mount a board camera
2mm Nut (M2) 4  Nuts to secure the M2x16 screws
Small black self-tapping screw for the LED boards 4 Small self-tapping screw to secure the LED boards (Note: The screw hole may be too small to turn the screw all the way in without stripping. It is suggest to bore out the hole a small amount beforehand.)
Vinyl Black Cap 4  Covers the bottom of the landing gear spacer
XT60 Pig Tail 16AWG 1 A power pigtail to connect to the PDB and to receive power from a flight battery
5" of Vibration Dampening Neoprene Tape 1 Used to reduce vibrations in mounted gear and cameras on the airframe
Lumenier Velcro Lipo Battery Strap 1 Used to secure your battery to the airframe
Lumenier Sticker 1 Stickers are awesome
2mm Allen Key 1 A tool to use with all M3 socket-head screws