The case that comes with the GoPro camera is beautiful, sturdy, and water tight, but it weighs about 100g and the included mounts make the camera stick up with the overall surface area growing by a good amount. As a result, many FPV and aerial videographer pilots mount their GoPro without the protective case to save weight and provide a smaller overall footprint. The most significant issue with this “naked” mounting method is that the camera’s lens is directly in harm’s way. Any crash has a high likelihood of damaging the camera’s lens. Once the original lens is damaged, the replacement of the lens is an expensive option costing close to $100 USD — 1/3 of the price of a new GoPro.

For this reason, Lumenier has developed LayerLens. LayerLens brings the most important part of the original GoPro case back: the protective lens; without adding much weight or size.

LayerLens LayerLens for GoPro 3 and 4

This is the newest revision of LayerLens for the GoPro 3


LayerLens for the GoPro 3 & 4 camera series features a hard and anti-reflective ("AR") coated lens with an anti-smudge coating on the viewing side. AR coating is applied to both sides of the lens which ensures low external and internal lens reflections.

  • This new design features an injection-molded uni-body lens holder that is light and tough.
  • Ships with 1 high quality lens. The lens is a 2mm thick, photo grade, hardened, anti-reflective and smudge coated cast acrylic lens.
  • None of the video or photo modes show the bezel.
  • Fits all GoPro 3 and 4 models
  • Upgrade the lens to a Circular Polarized Lens to cut down on glare and reflections.

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LayerLens for GoPro 1 and 2

layerlensgp12 The orginal LayerLens made for the GoPro 1 and 2. This LayerLens is built on the same principals as the newer LayerLens for GoPro 3, by protecting only the lens it provides a great reduction in overall weight compared with the stock GoPro case.You will be required to take out the glass lens from a GoPro case or purchase a GoPro Lens Replacement Kit separately. Assembly required. LayerLens does not obstruct the Microphone or the USB, A/V, or back extension plugs. It fits the old and new Hero2 versions of the GoPro.

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