QAV250 Carbon Fiber

Build Manual

The QAV250 Carbon Fiber Edition is essentially the same airframe as the G10 version save for a few differences. The material is of course Carbon Fiber instead of the G10 version. Due to the strength of the carbon fiber material, the CF version is 3mm thick all around on the main "Unibody" frame plate compared with the 3.6mm thickness of the G10 which also features an outer lip at 6.5mm.
Since the Carbon Fiber material is a little thinner, you'll want to make sure to use the included M3x5mm button head screws when mounting your motors. If you use the longer M3x6mm screws then you run the risk of shorting out your motor by touching the motor wire windings. Be sure when tightening down you motors that no screws touch any of the motor wires.
Carbon Fiber is also a conductive material, meaning it is possible to short out your electronics if a positive and negative lead are both touching the raw carbon fiber material. Never leave any bare wire loose in your build, make sure to cover all solder points that could short out with heat shrink wrap or electrical tape.
During install of the LED lights on the front and back of the airframe you'll want to make sure to cover those solder points with electrical tape to reduce the risk of those leads touching and shorting out on the carbon fiber frame. Please see the picture below as an example.
CAGE Code: 84VM0
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