Brushless Gimbals

QAV Quick-Mount Brushless Gimbal Unit by Lumenier

This 2-Axis brushless gimbal unit enables you to equip your stock QAV400 with a brushless gimbal to shoot breathtaking gimbal stabilized aerial footage. This gimbal unit quickly attaches to the QAV400 in about 20 seconds and can be removed again just as easily. Now you can fly an acrobatic flight with your QAV400 and a fully gimbal stabilized flight all within the same session. This gimbal is machined from Aluminum parts and includes 2 high quality Lumenier gimbal motors. Additionally, this gimbal also provides a Lumenier LayerLens, long the best and most well known GoPro lens protection product available for the aerial videography and FPV community. The LayerLens provides lens protection as well as the holding mechanism for your GoPro to the gimbal. Furthermore, this gimbal includes a 30 pin GoPro connector that provides you standard video out from your GoPro as well as the ability to charge/power your GoPro while in operation. The included GoPro connector also provides you with over-voltage protection should you accidentally provide more than the required 5v of current.
  • Weight:
    • 145g gimbal parts + hardware
    • 165g with an IMU and Gimbal Control Board
    • 250g AUW with GoPro + Layerlens
  • Material: CNC-ed Aluminum, anodized black
  • Lens Protection: Included, LayerLens. Polarizer lens available separately
  • Charge Current for GoPro: 5v -- over-voltage protection included
  • Gimbal Components: GoPro holder, Arm, Hinge, Mounting Plate
  • 30-Pin GoPro Connector with Standard Def Video out and Charge Capability (with over-voltage protection). Includes 300mm long cable
  • Hardware: Screws, Etc.
  • 1.5mm Allen Key
  • IMU "Blank": If you use an IMU that is smaller than 23x23mm, you can use this "blank" to stick your IMU to and then mount this blank into the IMU space provided using the provided M2x3 mounting screws
  • Gimbal Control Board: Please note that this unit does not include a gimbal control board or IMU. We recommend AlexMos boards.
  • IMU: Please note that this unit does not include an IMU. We recommend square 23x23mm IMUs with 18x18mm mounting holes.
  • This gimbal unit requires assembly.
  • Required for assembly: 2mm Allen Key, Blue Thread Locker, Small Phillips Screw Driver
CAGE Code: 84VM0
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