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Lumenier Launches No-Cost Project Assessment Program

Design, Prototype and Deliver within Months, not Years.

Sarasota, Florida – Lumenier announced today the launch of a new no-cost assessment program for those in need of a customized UAV Platform. This program provides companies, government agencies and research teams the capability to conceptualize, design, and price a drone platform for their specific use case in a matter of days, then prototype and deliver within months, far outpacing the competition.

  • U.S. Based Team with Parts from 300+ Manufacturers
  • On-Site Production & Manufacturing
  • Rapid Assessment, Prototyping & Delivery
  • Utilized by NASA, the U.S. Army, Discovery, MIT, NBC & More

As a manufacturer and distributor in the small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS / Drones) and unmanned ground vehicles market, Lumenier makes short work of assessments by providing access to a team of highly skilled engineers who utilize an extensive inventory of standard off the shelf (SOTS) parts from more than 300 manufacturers.

“This marks a milestone for Lumenier, as we’ve streamlined the entire development process we’ve been using for years with major organizations and agencies such as NASA, making them available for anyone needing a customized UAS solution,” said Tim Nilson, Founder and CEO of Lumenier Holdco LLC.

“The demand for small, compact drone platforms has seen tremendous growth in the last year, so we’ve adapted to make sure our custom-built platforms are available to any organization or business who needs something that works for their specific use case, right now.”

Lumenier’s commercial drone expertise evolved from their roots in the high-end hobbyist market, where pilots race First-Person View (FPV) drones at high speed. These air acrobatics push drone airframes and components to their absolute limit, and spurred Lumenier to begin manufacturing their own high-performance brushless motors, propellers, airframes, antennas and other electronics.

A number of major organizations and government agencies have since leaned on Lumenier’s expertise to cater to their needs, including NASA, MIT, NBC, and the U.S. Army, for which Lumenier recently won a 15-month Other Transaction Award (OTA) to prototype a foldable, compact sUAS platform for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions.

To take advantage of Lumenier’s No-Cost Project Assessment, reach out to Jeff Bloch at: jeff@lumenier.com, 941-444-0021 x108

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