ARORA Light Show Drones


The Lumenier ARORA is the most illuminated drone to hit the light show drone market. Record-breaking flight times allow shows to operate for up to 25 minutes, guaranteeing an enchanting, long-lasting show for onlooking spectators. The super-bright LEDS are six times brighter than other competitors, and our true white LEDs combined with vibrant RGB LEDs provide a more extensive range of colors in the sky for the perfect combination of imagery. The integrated remote power on/off switch allows hands-off startup and shutdown execution - no more scrambling to plug in batteries! The ARORA is highly innovative and engineered for greater durability and weather resistance for protection from the elements during shows. These incredible features make the Lumenier ARORA drones the stars of your next show!

Lumenier ARORA Light Show Drones

ARORA Features

Lumenier ARORA Light Show Drones Features

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Arora Light Show Drones

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ARORA Light Show Images

Lumenier ARORA Light Show Drones
Lumenier ARORA Light Show Drones

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