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Congratulations on the purchase of the Lumenier QAV-X CHARPU Mini FPV Quadcopter! This mini quadcopter is a ton of fun and building can be a really enjoyable experience too. We hope this manual will assist you with your build. There are many ways to complete your QAV-X and feel free to customize your build if desired. The following instructions are meant as guidelines and may vary in the future with design / component updates. We suggest to use a little blue loctite thread locker on all the screws, especially the motor mounting screws. If you are installing a camera and FPV gear at the same time, please do so during the build, as you won't want to complete the build and have to disassemble it again to install your gear.
The QAV-X is a very simple build consisting of only a few parts. We'll start with the main Carbon Fiber Unibody plate as shown below.
Prep the motors and ESCs of your choice. If you are going to direct solder your motors and ESCs, then take the time now to cut each wire to length and pre-tin each end.
Now you can install your included PDB, or other PDB of choice. Use the included 3mm plastic spacers to create a standoff for the PDB to sit on, and the M3x12 plastic screws that will go in from the bottom of the plate through the PDB. You will also want to install your battery lipo strap at this time before you install the PDB. Solder your ESCs and main power pigtail in place. If you are using a voltage regulator like the Pololu, install this now into the PDB as shown below. You may want to create a connector or solder wires on that will power your VTX and camera at this time as well. AUX 2 will have regulated power if you are using a Pololu there, and AUX 1 will pass through the voltage from the main battery on the PDB.
Solder the motor wires to your ESCs if you have not already.
Now you can install the M3x6 threaded plastic standoff on top of the PDB which you will mount your flight controller to. In this case we are using the Lumenier LUX flight controller. Solder or connect all your ESC signal wires and other desired connections like telemetry at this time.
The top plate and camera section can be a little tricky to install your first time. Assemble the two camera side plates with your CM-650 camera (Or HS117 style camera) and secure it in place with the 28mm horizontal spacer. Do not install the camera side screws until this plate is fully installed, because the screws will keep the plate from sliding down in place. Angle the plate forward as you slide it down as shown in the picture below. You want to get the front ledge of the side wall plates underneath the main 2mm carbon fiber top plate.
As you see below, we now have passed the camera section below the top plate. Now you can level out the plate, and snap it into place. This may be a tight fit, so take your time, and if needed, you can sand the carbon a little if the fit is too snug.
Below you will see the camera pod in place, and the two camera screws also installed to lock the camera angle.
Install your Video Transmitter now and antenna. The top plate has a cavity cut out in the back to allow for viewing of your VTX channels and easy button access. The holes the back plate are there to secure your SMA connection and antenna via the included cable ties. If you have the 4mm main plate, use the included 4x M3x8 longer screws to secure the 4 28mm stand offs. (M3x6 won't have enough thread)
The lipo strap that ou use to secure the GoPro in place runs through the 2mm top plate, underneath and around the 28mm horizontal spacer of the camera pod. See the example photo below. If desired, install your battery protector plate as well to go under your LiPo battery.

Way to go!

You have completed your QAV-X Charpu.
Now get out and fly!

Be sure to check out for all your additional gear and spare parts.
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