QAV-R 2 Slam

The QAV-R 2 Slam is the worthy successor to the original QAV-R that many pilots fell in love with back in 2015
QAV-R 2 Slam
QAV-R 2 Slam

Introducing the Lumenier QAV-R 2. The worthy successor to the venerated QAV-R that many pilots fell in love with back in 2015. The QAV-R 2 keeps many design elements from the original but adds modern compatibility and features that are preferred by today's pilots.

Whether it's on the race course or shooting HD footage zipping down a mountainside, you'll feel like this frame was made just for you.

Made with high-quality Lumenier carbon fiber and sealed with a smooth clear coat layer on top, the QAV-R 2 looks and feels amazing. The carbon weave is laid out parallel to each part of the frame, giving the most strength and durability. But what are looks without functionality right?

The QAV-R 2 is built to last, with individually removable 4.5mm thick arms on the 5" and 6" versions, and 5mm thick arms on the 7" frame. The four arms form an interlocking arrangement on the bottom of the frame that strengthens the whole quad. The arms come with bumpers that protect your motors from damage should you (when you) get into an accident with a tree or asphalt. The bottom and top plates come in at 2.5mm and 2mm thick respectively, giving you 7.5mm of carbon at the center the frame.

The Slam comes with molded rubber camera brackets that fit any micro-sized FPV camera. While the standard QAV-R 2 comes with carbon fiber sidewalls that fit full-size FPV cameras.

  • Product Weight
    • 5" version: 112g
    • 6" version: 123g
    • 7" version: 137g
    Product Includes
    • 1x Lumenier QAV-R 2 Slam Quadcopter Kit
    • 4x 4.5mm carbon fiber arms (5mm if 7" arms chosen)
    • 2mm carbon fiber top plate
    • 2.5mm carbon fiber bottom plate (with press fit steel nuts)
    • 2x molded camera brackets for micro FPV camera
    • 1x Lumenier Sticker Sheet
    • 1x Set of black steel screws and aluminum hardware including knurled spacers, cable ties
    • 1x No-slip silicone battery pad
    • 4x Neoprene landing pads
    • 4x Silicone vibration damping o-rings
    • 1x Lumenier 220mm Indestructible LiPo strap
  • Product Features
    • Full 3K Carbon Fiber airframe with removable 4.5mm arms (5", 6", 7" arm options)
    • Premium carbon fiber sealed with a smooth clear coat layer on top
    • Individually "keyed" removable arms, remove just 2 screws, and leave your stack in place.
    • Carbon fiber camera side walls
    • Popular Squashed-X configuration (No props in view!)
    • Black Oxide steel screws
    • Easy grip black anodized spacers
    • Motor guards on the end of the arms to protect the motor during a crash
    • Fits both 30.5x and 20x stacks
    • Silicone non-slip battery pad
    • Included Lumenier Indestructible Kevlar Lipo Strap
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