Clean Frame Assembly

This manual covers the assembly of the Clean Frame section for both the QAV540G and QAV500 Gimbal Upgrade.
Locate the Clean Frame Base Plate
This is the clean frame base plate as pictured below.
Mount the Gimbal Control Board Nylon Standoffs
Mount the 4 nylon standoffs at the front of the frame plate, securing them with the provided nylon nuts underneat the plate. This is where your Gimbal Control Board will be mounted.
Installation of 35mm aluminum spacers
Mount the 12 tall spacers to the top of the clean frame base plate as shown in the image below. Secure each spacer with 1 m3x5 button-head screw. (Use some loctite to ensure a strong hold, these screws will not need to come out in the future)
Install the firewall plate to the Gimbal roll motor
Use 4 m3x5 screws to secure the firewall plate to the gimbal's roll motor. This plate will then be secured to the clean frame plate in the next step.
Secure the firewall to the clean frame base plate
Insert the bottom of the firewall plate into the slotted opening of the front of the clean frame base plate. This may be a tight fit, press the plate in until it sits flush with the frame (using the screws/lock-nuts in the next step can help as well). Place 2 lock-nuts in the firewall plate's bottom opening, then take 2 m3x8 screws and insert them from the bottom side up into the firewall slot. Once the screw is threaded into the nut, tighten down each side evenly, alternating until the plate is secure and flush.
Installation of the extra bobbin brace
The long bracket lies across the frame (bottom clean plate) pointing forward. Secure the plate with 2 m3x5 screws and locking it in place with lock-nuts from underneath.
Install the Gimbal Control Board
Before installing the clean frame cover plate, install your gimbal control board. Place it on top of the nylon stand-offs, securing it with the provided nylon screws. No need to overtighten, risking stripping the nylon screw.
Install the Clean Frame Cover Plate
Take the clean frame cover plate and line it up over your frame and spacers. Be sure to line up the gimbal firewall plate with the slots as well, similiar to what you did for the base clean plate. Tighten down each spacer with the m3x5 screws. The gimbal firewall is secured with 2 m3x8 screws and 2 nuts, the same as the bottom side.
Install the Bobbins
Now that you have both plates complete, install the bobbins as shown in the picture below. Each bobbin is secured with a regular nut, and adding a little loctite to keep them in place can be helpful. Be sure not to over-tighten the nuts on the bobbins, as this can cause damage to the bobbin and cause it to break/shear off of the silicon. Try and keep the bobbin from twisting too much while tightening the nut.
Join the Clean Section with the Dirty Section
Almost there! To install the extra bobbin brace on the dirty section, you'll need to remove two of the outer screws from each of your front arms (if your arms are already installed). These screws will be replaced with the m3x8 in order to fasten down the small bobbin brace on top of the arms of the dirty section. Please see the image below.
Line up the bobbins of both the clean and dirty sections and bring them together. Secure the bobbins into place with regular nuts as you did before on the clean section.
Install the stand-off spacer for the flight camera
If you are using a flight camera, install the stand-off spacer, using the 35mm spacer and a m3x5 screw. Push the screw through the provided hole from underneath so the threads are sticking up, and then tighten the 35mm spacer on top.
Build Complete!
Congratulations, you have completed the build! Please see the image below as an example of a completed build.
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