QAV500 V2 Parts List

The QAV500 V2 comes with the following parts. Please take inventory of your parts before you begin your build.
Part Name Quantity Note
G10 Clean Base Plate 1 The large G10 frame plate that is the base of the "Clean" section.
G10 Flight Controller Cover Plate 1 The top cover plate that protects the flight controller and electronics.
Carbon Fiber Dirty Plate 1 The bottom plate of the "Dirty" section, houses the ESC's
Power Distribution Board 1 Distributes the power from the main battery. Has integrated LED's and voltage regulation.
Carbon Fiber Side Walls 2 Provides extra strength and stiffness to the "Dirty" section of the airframe.
Hardware and Miscellaneous Parts
35mm Aluminum Spacers 12 Tall spacers to separate and provide structure to the "Clean" section.
10mm Aluminum Spacers 11 Short spacers to separate and provide structure to the "Dirty" section.
15.5mm Aluminum Spacers 4 Medium spacers for the "Clean" / "Dirty" retainer posts.
Fender Washers 4 Washers that cap the "Clean" / "Dirty" retainer posts.
Orange Silicon Bobbins 6 Silicon bobbins isolate vibrations coming from the lower "Dirty" section.
M3x5mm button head screws 102 Screws used in airframe assembly.
M3x8mm button head screws 4 Screws used to mount the detachable GoPro Plate
M3 Split Lock Washers 12 Washers that lock a standard M3 Hex Nut in place to secure the Bobbins.
M3 Hex Nuts 12 Nuts used to secure the Bobbins.
M3 Hex Lock Nuts 2 Locking nuts used to secure the GoPro plate in place.
Pololu 12v Step Down Voltage Regulator 1 Solder into place on the Power Distribution Board for 12v power out.
5" of Vibration Dampening Neoprene Tape 1 Used to reduce vibrations in mounted gear and cameras on the airframe.
Lumenier Velcro LiPo Battery Strap 1 Used to secure your battery to the airframe.
Lumenier Sticker 1 Stickers are awesome.
XT60 Female Pigtail 1 A power pigtail to used as a connection between the PDB and battery.
2mm Allen Key 1 A tool to use with all M3 socket-head screws.
CAGE Code: 84VM0
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