QAV500 V2

The QAV500 V2 is better than ever with a new updated design
QAV500 V2 FPV Quadcopter
QAV500 V2 FPV Quadcopter
QAV500 V2 FPV Quadcopter

The airframe that introduced the Clean/Dirty H-Frame concept to the world in 2012 has now been significantly upgraded in this new version. This airframe replaces both the original QAV500 as well as the QAV540G.

The QAV500 V2 adds the ability to mount Lumenier's quick mount gimbal, which enables one airframe to be flown both as an acrobatic airframe carrying a fixed GoPro as well as aerial videography airframe with 2-axis gimbal. When purchasing the new QAV500 V2, you now have a choice of arms in different lengths and materials. Arm choices include the original aluminum CNC-ed 500 arms for a 500mm size airframe (measured from motor shaft to motor shaft diagonally), 500mm size G10 arms, 520mm size G10 arms, or long 540mm aluminum arms. The new QAV500 V2 now features a significantly stiffer Dirty Airframe, which is most noticeable when utilizing the longer 520 and 540 size arms.

With 500mm arms, the frame supports a 10 inch prop without seeing props in the video with a fixed or gimbal stabilized GoPro. With a 540mm arm, mounting up to a 12 inch prop is supported without props in view when flown with the Quick Mount Gimbal. With 12 inch props, flight times of 25 minutes or more are possible when utilizing appropriate motors, props, and lipos.

The improved Dirty section of the airframe has been stiffened by implementing curved carbon fiber side-walls combined with a carbon fiber bottom plate and re-designed power distribution board. The new power distribution board features integrated, orientation-aiding LED lights, 2 separate voltage conversion circuits with an included 12v step-down board, and redesigned layout to easily fit a wide variety of ESCs inside the Dirty frame's cavity.

The Clean section of the airframe now features a total of 6 Orange RC Bobbins which have been utilized in all of Lumenier's Clean/Dirty airframes with incredible results. The added bobbin pair prevents the clean section to sag in the center of the airframes. The Clean section now also features a retaining mechanism that prevents the two airframe sections to separate and bobbins to rip apart in the event of a crash. The Clean section features a longer top plate that stiffens the back of the airframe when used with larger, heavier lipo batteries. Furthermore, the larger Clean section provides increased room to mount FPV and other electronics. GPS mounting is made easy with dedicated GPS mounting locations in the center or back of the airframe.

  • Specifications
    • Weight (Airframe including 540mm aluminum arms): 543g
    • Size (airframe only without arms): 452mm x 115mm x 65mm (no landing gear)
    • Suggested Lipo: 4s 35c 3300mAh, 4200mAh, or 5200mAh (depending on payload)
  • Product Features
    • Stiffened Dirty section with innovative curved carbon fiber side-walls and carbon fiber dirty plate
    • Improved power distribution board with integrated LED lighting for orientation and LOS visibility powered by 3s or 4s flight pack
    • 3 independent voltage circuits: main flight pack voltage (4 cell recommended), 12v circuit with included 12v step-down, extra circuit for optional step down/up
    • Bobbin retainer posts that prevent airframe separation in the event of a crash protecting bobbins and wiring
    • Ability to attach and remove Lumenier's Quick-Mount gimbal in around 20 seconds (Gimbal is available separately)
    • GoPro mounting plate that can be removed when airframe is exclusively flown with Lumenier Gimbal
    • Airframe can be purchased with 4 different arm configurations: 500mm (Aluminum), 500mm (G10), 520mm (G10), and 540mm (Aluminum)
    • Optional accessories include a variety of landing gear options and board camera mount that can be placed in 2 different positions at the bottom of the Clean section
    • Dedicated mounting hole for video transmitter SMA adapter
    • All plates and arms available as spares and crash replacements
    • 25 minute flight time with appropriate motors, props, and battery
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CAGE Code: 84VM0
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