The QAV400 Gimbal

The QAV400 Gimbal, or the QAV400G as a complete kit, is designed to allow a quick and easy transition from an acrobatic quad to a fully gimbal stabilized platform in under a minute.
The gimbal is a stand-alone unit specially designed for the QAV400. It is made from high quality machined aluminum, then sandblasted and finally annodized in black giving you a beatiful and functional gimbal. The gimbal features two premium Tiger Motors gimbal motors and is designed around the AlexMos gimbal control board. The entire gimbal is held firmly in place with a tab that fits into a slot in the QAV400 "clean" base plate and 2 screws that are already part of the orignal QAV400.
More information and pricing will be available soon.
Official forum thread at
How to mount a QAV400G Gimbal to a QAV400 FPV Quadcopter
Demo flight of a QAV400G by Juz70
CAGE Code: 84VM0
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