The Lumenier QAV400 Quadcopter Clean/Dirty Separation Airframe
The QAV400 Airframe
The QAV400 Airframe
The QAV400 Airframe

The Lumenier QAV400 FPV Quadcopter is a nimble acrobat that can perform flips and other stunts while recording 100% vibration free HD footage, including GoPro 3 Black 1080p at 60fps.

The QAV400 is an FPV quadcopter frame based on the inovations that we introduced in the QAV500, but in a much smaller form factor. The QAV400 is 100mm smaller in size (motor axle to motor axle diagonally). The frame weighs 375g (without landing gear). Just like the QAV500, the QAV400 is extremely stiff due to the materials used and construction methods applied. This model uses black anodized milled aluminum arms. This airframe exhibits extreme acrobatics and maneuverability while still maintaining crystal clear 1080p video making the frame a great pairing with the GoPro 3 Black Edition.

  • Specifications
    • Weight: 375g (without landing gear)
    • AUW: 1165g with 2200mah 4s Lumenier lipo, gopro3, flight cam, TX, and CC3D board
    • Flight Time: 12+ minutes hover with 3300mah 4s Lumenier Lipo
    • Body: G10
    • Booms: Anodized machined Aluminum
    • Suggested Props: Graupner 8" E-Props
    • Power: Like the QAV500, the QAV400 comes with a power distribution board to solder the ESCs to as well as FPV electronics to
    • Suggested Lipo: 4s 3300mah Lumenier Lipo. Max Lipo Dimensions: W: 54mm, H: 35mm, L: 150mm
    • Motor Choice: Lumenier FX2216-9 1100kv V2
    • Suggested ESC: Lumenier SimonK 30amp ESCs
    • Suggested Flight Controller: Naza v2 with GPS or OpenPilot CC3D
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