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Mad Air- Cain Madere
I'm Just a kid who was born to race and always wanted to learn how to fly. I found the best of both and am now pursuing the life of a professional drone racer. I started flying model planes at the early age of 6 with my dad and grandpa. Eventually found my ways to 3d helicopters. After flying for fun for 2 years i became a GAUI sponsored heli pilot. I bought my first set of goggles a year later at a heli funfly in Texas. After that day my view on RC changed. I got home and was right-away building my first fpv quad. Never looked back from that point. I Have been racing and focusing on being the fastest from that day forward, and am always trying to get better. I'm happy to be sitting in a position to call myself a professional drone racing pilot. And I'm not done yet! My future is bright and intend to make a "MAD_AIR" name in this sport!
GhettoDino - Dino Joghi

I got into FPV because of an awesome drone racing video in a forest. RC cars was something I always liked, my dad used to buy me new RC stuff every Christmas. At first I thought it was impossible to build a fast and functional drone, but after some research I found out it was not that hard to build! I ordered my first parts, and not long after that I started flying and quickly fell in love with FPV!

The type of FPV flying I like most is drone racing. I have a very competitive personality with a good sports attitude. Whenever somebody challenges me for a game that's about being the fastest, I'm in! When cars, motorcycles or drones are racing I am always excited to spectate or join the race. What I like about drone racing compared to other types of racing is the 3D aspect. Instead of going only forward, left or right, drone racing also goes up, down and even upside down! FPV is asol about using video. This makes it easy for spectators to follow the race and see what the pilot sees. Because of this I believe drone racing is going to be very popular in the future!

Beside drone racing I love riding motorcycles (yes I am addicted to speed), motorsports, soccer, working out in the gym and sci-fi movies (especially movies with allot of space ships!).

Charpu - Carlos Puertolas

My initial love of the radio control world started with an RC car my dad bought me for Christmas when I was a kid growing up in Spain. I would dismantle that car and put it back together in strange configurations, using it like a robot. At 18 I bought my first electronic plane and a radio-controlled helicopter. Soon after I came to the US, and I became an animator with Dreamworks. Although I had a full-time job outside of the RC-industry, my geeky side had me building and flying RC craft every other spare minute.In 2014 I bought a Lumeniner QAV250 with First-person view goggles which began a whole new adventure for me. Outside of work, my passion is aerial acrobatics with drone quadcopters. It's been fun working with Lumenier to design, test and produce Charpu branded equipment.

Skitzo FPV - Jonathon Davis

I was originally drawn into FPV by my love of photography. I bought a DJI Phantom Vision+ long ago, which was my first FPV experience. Then viewing Metaldanny's Blackout 330 video blew me away! I use to play Quake, Quake III and Unreal Tournament video games competitively, which no doubt helped me come up to speed.

I love the feeling that flying FPV gives me. It is a feeling of freedom, release and a way to artistically express myself through flight. My favorite style of flying is Freestyle, exploring abandoned buildings or ripping through the woods. Working with Lumenier has been a great experience and even allowed me to release some of my own branded motors and airframe!

Johnny FPV - Johnny Schaer

One minute was all it took. The instant I saw my first FPV video, I realized I had come across something special. I dove headfirst into the world of FPV miniquads and never looked back. This was the best decision I have ever made. FPV freestyle has turned into my creative outlet. It's not all about the tricks (although I do love a good ol' inverted yaw fakey 720° backflip...) but rather capturing a scene in the most captivating way possible. It is my goal and hope to inspire new and veteran pilots alike to go out, fly, and enjoy this incredible technology that we have.

HiFlite - Ethan Gulnac

My name is Ethan Gulnac. I'm 16 years old and from Maui, Hawaii. Like many other people, I've always had the dream of flying like a bird. A couple years ago, I came across a video of some guys flying FPV planes down mountain cliffs. I was completely blown away by the beauty of the world from this perspective, often hidden from our view on the ground. It wasn't until I came across some build videos of FPV mini quads that I realized this dream could become a reality. That summer off from school, I worked a job every day to get the parts for my first mini quad. I had enough money saved up by the end of summer to build an FPV quad. It's all been a blur since then. I think it would be awesome to see this become a career similar to that of professional skateboarders or surfers made up of passionate individuals who love what they do. As an FPV pilot, I really enjoy high energy technical and precision flying. Sometimes it's nice to take a break and relax with some smooth flow. My favorite part about flying FPV is the freedom of expression. There's really no right or wrong as long as you're having a good time. Outside of flying FPV, I am a full time student in high school. Mountain biking, running, or just hanging out with friends are some of my favorite things to do when I'm not flying mini quads.

Tomz - Thomas Panaiva

Hey! I'm Thomas "Tomz" Panaiva, 26 years old, from Nice, France. I have been flying FPV for more than two years now. Why do I love flying? Because when I do, I feel free, and my imagination is the only limit! I love freestyling, playing with trees and buildings... Crazy tricks or moves can quickly turn into an obsession until I'm happy with the result! I can literally spend the whole day or kill all my quads trying "that quick flip into this tight gap" haha! I got into racing recently, after I qualified for Drone Worlds - Hawaii. I'm also having fun racing with friends... :) I generally fly one or two times a week and then all weekend. When I'm not flying, I'm rebuilding my quad, haha. I also like to spend some times editing videos and watching daily FPV videos on YouTube, listening to music, hang out with friends!

Won's FPV X - Baewon Joen

Hello! I am Baewon-Jeon from South Korea. I started Fpv two years ago at a later age, because I was a 40-year-old uncle, haha! I don't fly any specific style of FPV. I just go by the feeling at the moment, and the atmosphere at the time. Don't be too nervous about being a rookie when you start FPV. Flying time will solve everything, and you'll gain skill quickly if you enjoy it. I also think this is true for myself. The more I enjoy the experience and FPV flight, the better I become. I am blessed that something so fun, and so crazy is what I really enjoy doing. Of course I never imagined myself doing things this crazy, and I bet you won't either! Hey, you are blessed my friend haha. Quad Bless you !!!

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