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Lumenier Sponsored Events - Tampa Bay Unmanned Vehicle Demonstrations

- 05/18/2018



Keynote Speaker SenJeff Brandes


The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems (AUVSIis coming toTampa! See live demonstrations of:

  •  Drones
  •  Robots
  •  AutonomousCars

Learn how to help position Tampa Bay as the next great Smart City Region! 

Cash bar and restaurant service will be available at the event.


See Lumenier in Tampa Bay News

- 05/01/2018

"Drones can stop school shooters, inventor says. Students work to prove it"

is the headline on April 27, 2018 in

The story describes how one inventor finds a way to fight crime in school (like the one in Marjory Stoneman Douglas / MSD High School in Parkland, FL) using drone.  Lumenier as a company was mentioned as the business who works with the student and the inventor to make this happen.  A student in the program already has been promised a job with Lumenier after graduation as the article indicated.


Lumenier Launches Innovative Drone Prop Quick Swap System as Industry Initiative

- 04/15/2018

POPO® eliminates the need for a prop nut and wrench to attach propellers to motors. A full set of 4 props can be removed and replaced in about 25 seconds without tools. This provides convenience in the field, as well as speed and simplicity under race day pressure.


The ability to quickly remove and reattach a full set of props is a key safety feature for drone enthusiast that are frequently repairing and tuning their drones. POPO® prevents cuts from sharp propeller blades since there is no longer a need to hold the motor tightly while tightening a nut.


Lumenier Ignites the Drone Industry with Investment from Pfingsten

- 10/03/2017

Lumenier has successfully secured financial funding by partnering with Pfingsten for the drone industry’s first private equity investment.

Pfingsten, an operationally-focused private equity firm, made a strategic move to be the first private equity investor in the drone industry by investing heavily in Lumenier and GetFPV’s future growth.


“I truly believe this is a huge watershed moment for the drone racing, hobbyist and commercial industries.” said Tim Nilson, Founder and CEO of Lumenier and GetFPV. “This partnership with Pfingsten will allow us to invest heavily in new product development, ramp up our production capacity and improve customer service to satisfy our loyal customers. Our industry has been plagued with long design delays and product backorders. Our new financial partners will allow us to get product in the hands of our customers and dealers quicker, as well as bring new industry altering products to the market.” When asked about his next move, Tim Nilson said “My greatest career joy has been the drone industry. I love this industry and will remain the CEO at Lumenier and GetFPV for years to come. For me, I now have the financial backing to turn many new ideas into reality.”


Lumenier is DRL's Official Antenna Supplier for FPV

- 06/22/2017

The Lumenier AXII 5.8GHz Video Antenna is specifically designed to perform extremely well under intense drone racing conditions. "The quality of the pilots video link is one of the most critical aspects of amateur and professional drone racing.” says Tim Nilson, President of Lumenier. “The AXII Antenna ensures a reliable video link at high speeds, with several pilots in the air, and in challenging RF environments."

"Lumenier is one of the most respected gear designers in the drone racing market." said Nick Horbaczewski, DRL's CEO. "We are thrilled to have them as a partner this season."

 DRL has recently been named "One of the Most Innovative Companies of 2017" by Fast Company. DRL has chosen the Lumenier AXII 5.8GHz Video Antenna to use on their FPV "Racer 3" for the 2017 season.