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Meet the Lumenier FPV Racing Team!

Mad Air - Cain Madere

Mad Air- Cain Madere

I'm Just a kid who was born to race and always wanted to learn how to fly. I found the best of both and am now pursuing the life of a professional drone racer. I started flying model planes at the early age of 6 with my dad and grandpa. Eventually found my ways to 3d helicopters. After flying for fun for 2 years i became a GAUI sponsored heli pilot. I bought my first set of goggles a year later at a heli funfly in Texas. After that day my view on RC changed. I got home and was right-away building my first fpv quad. Never looked back from that point. I Have been racing and focusing on being the fastest from that day forward, and am always trying to get better. I'm happy to be sitting in a position to call myself a professional drone racing pilot. And I'm not done yet! My future is bright and intend to make a "MAD_AIR" name in this sport!


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GhettoDino - Dino Joghi

GhettoDino - Dino Joghi

I got into FPV because of an awesome drone racing video in a forest. RC cars was something I always liked, my dad used to buy me new RC stuff every Christmas. At first I thought it was impossible to build a fast and functional drone, but after some research I found out it was not that hard to build! I ordered my first parts, and not long after that I started flying and quickly fell in love with FPV!

The type of FPV flying I like most is drone racing. I have a very competitive personality with a good sports attitude. Whenever somebody challenges me for a game that's about being the fastest, I'm in! When cars, motorcycles or drones are racing I am always excited to spectate or join the race. What I like about drone racing compared to other types of racing is the 3D aspect. Instead of going only forward, left or right, drone racing also goes up, down and even upside down! FPV is asol about using video. This makes it easy for spectators to follow the race and see what the pilot sees. Because of this I believe drone racing is going to be very popular in the future!

Beside drone racing I love riding motorcycles (yes I am addicted to speed), motorsports, soccer, working out in the gym and sci-fi movies (especially movies with allot of space ships!).

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